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JAOS 2017 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad
Posted on February 04, 2018 19:12:15
 In August 2017, JAOS organized the “JAOS 2017 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad”, a survey of 40-member education agencies that provide study abroad services. The survey collected from these 40 organizations the number of Japanese who used their study abroad support services. As a result, JAOS survey revealed that these 40-member education agencies helped nearly 80,000 people (79,123) study abroad in 2016. Taken together with the results of other surveys conducted by various entities in Japan, these numbers suggest that we can surmise that more than 20,000 Japanese people studied abroad during the year.
25th Anniversary of JAOS Japan
Posted on February 13, 2017 19:25:35
New Study Abroad Guidebook for the Global Era
Posted on January 27, 2016 21:49:57
Study abroad guidebook for high school teachers
"Guiding High School Students to Study Abroad" is published.

Recently, activities to promote study abroad for Japanese students have increased with programs like the "Tobitate Ryugaku! Japan" campaign by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The results of a survey by MEXT also show a trend of increase in study abroad by high school students. They also revealed that 44 percent of high school students hope to study abroad. In the midst of these conditions, high school teachers are also getting more opportunities to provide guidance about study abroad. They are expressing desire for guidelines about this guidance.
In light of these trends, the Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) has published "Guiding High School Students to Study Abroad" for high school teachers through the publisher Gakuji Shuppan. For 24 years, JAOS has been engaged in implementing environments for study abroad that address various issues related to study abroad and provide students with peace of mind.

Features of this book
Basic knowledge of high school study abroad counseling that high school teachers appear to know but do not know. As "educational guidelines" that provide the foundation for counseling by teachers, the book covers information that is useful for providing appropriate guidance to students.

Introduction of contents
Chapter 1: Significance of High School Study Abroad and Mental Preparation for Counseling
• Significance of high school study abroad
• Three strengths obtained from high school study abroad
• Mental preparation for study abroad counseling

Chapter 2
: High School Study Abroad Basic Knowledge (General Remarks)
• Types of high school study abroad
• Steps until study abroad
• Documents needed for study abroad
• Funding and scholarships
• Recognition of credits after returning home

Chapter 3: High School Study Abroad Basic Knowledge
Information by country
• Studying abroad in the U.S.
• Studying abroad in Canada
• Studying abroad in the U.K.
• Studying abroad in Australia
• Studying abroad in New Zealand
By purpose
• Short study tour during summer or spring break
• Participation in summer school
• High school exchange program
• High school study abroad besides exchange program for up to 1 year
• Study abroad for the purpose of graduation

Chapter 4: Practical advice for study abroad counseling
• Advancing to university in Japan and abroad
• Applying to both Japanese and U.S. universities
• Advantages and disadvantages of study abroad
• About English learning guidance before departure
• Pre-departure counseling
• Care after returning from study abroad
• Path and career after returning

Chapter 5
: Risk management for study abroad
• Understanding public safety and living information of study abroad locale
• Safety measures for study abroad (1) -- Study abroad student and family
• Safety measures for study abroad (2) -- Sending school
• Dealing with problems (1) -- Flight-related
• Dealing with problems (2) -- School-related
• Dealing with problems (3) -- Local living-related
• Dealing with problems (4) -- Others

Chapter 6: Globalization of Japan and High School Study Abroad
• Era of global human resources
• State of study abroad in different countries
• Outlook on Japanese study abroad student
• Current state of high school study abroad
• High school study abroad that advances Japan

Chapter 7
: Advancing to university abroad after graduating in Japan
• Situation concerning entering overseas university
• Differences with Japanese university entrance exams
• About global ranking of universities
• Difficulty level of entering an overseas university
• Test required for study abroad 1 (TOEFL(R))
• Test required for study abroad 2 (IELTS)
• Test required for study abroad 3 (SAT/ACT)
• Test required for study abroad 4 (Eiken and PTE)
• Application documents 1 (Transcript of grades and diploma)
• Application documents 2 (Letters of recommendation and essays)
• Application documents 3 (Other documents)
• Use of trustworthy study abroad counseling agencies

Chapter 8: Accounts of Study Abroad Experiences

Chapter 9: Reference Information
• What is "Eiken Study Abroad" -- Study abroad using Eiken?
• List of Japan Association of Overseas Studies (JAOS) members
• List of companies certified by J-CROSS (Japan Commission for the Regulation of Overseas Study Services
• About certified study abroad counseling qualification system
• Study abroad by teachers themselves

Printed on A5 paper 192 pages List price (2,000 yen + tax)
Belta and members attended EDUEXPO – SP 2014
Posted on July 08, 2014 13:59:16
The EDUEXPO, an international education fair organized by FPP Edu Media, considered the best fair organizer from Latin America, was held on 15th and 16th March was held in São Paulo.

Belta and its members participated with a separate space (the Belta Pavilion), on the ground floor of the fair, with the association logo identifying the stand.

During the event, Belta distributed the new edition of EI! 2014 Magazine and answered some students questions.

Besides São Paulo, seven Brazilian cities hosted the event (Curitiba 13/03, Rio de Janeiro 18/03, Brasília 20/03, Porto Alegre 22/03, Salvador 25/03, Recife 27/03 and Fortaleza 29/03).
According to the PR agency of EDUEXPO, the São Paulo’s was attended by more than 100 exhibitors and attracted around 30,000 visitors.

Belta would like to thank the organizers of EDUEXPO for the opportunity.
EAQA makes key adjustments moving into Q3 and Q4 of 2014
Posted on July 08, 2014 13:34:19

As part of the steps outlined in its 2014 Business Plan, EAQA (European Association of Quality Agencies) has made key organizational changes, both internal and external in nature, as it prepares to move into Q3 and Q4 of 2014.

One important decision was to alter the format of the EAQA AGM, which, similarly to previous years, will be held in the Park Plaza Westminster as part of the Alphe UK Conference. However, this year’s edition will be organized in the form of a Business Breakfast, which will allow highly active agents to relax and eat breakfast while taking part in a discussion regarding the history, goals and mission of EAQA.

Another key step was selecting a new Board Member, which was done via a remote online ballot service made available to all EAQA members. After the successful completion of the voting, which was concluded on April 25th, EAQA was pleased to announce its new Board Member – Jeroen Bastiaansen, Director of Study Globe.

“I am excited to be expanding upon my involvement with EAQA and cooperating with the rest of the Board to continue to build the quality brand of the association in favor of the industry,“ announced Mr. Bastiaansen, who will be playing a key role in organizing the EAQA Webinar, which is scheduled for October 2014 and will offer expert opinions on the steps needed to run a successful agency.

What exactly is EAQA doing for its members?
Representing 23 European agencies from across 17 countries, the role of the European Association of Quality Agencies can be described as a membership organization looking to further the already quality standards of its members.

One recent benefit that has been launched is the 1st volume of this year‘s Market Intelligence Package, which features industry analysis on 2014 student trends, a country profile of Australia as a study destination, as well as an exclusive interview with English UK. “We see the Market Intelligence Package as a way to bring all of our members up-to-date information to give them a competetive edge in the industry. Stepping into the field with this information allows our members to make decisions backed by extensive research and analysis,” stated Adela Makashi, Chair of EAQA. Along with the Market Intelligence Package, EAQA also offers its members a free IATC Agent Training Course, provided by ICEF, as well as a discount of over 50% on English UK membership, with more benefits being planned for 2014.

Along with general market intelligence, EAQA also communicates with members individually. By discussing the needs and comments of member agencies on a montly basis, EAQA offers assistance in a wide range of issues, including international VAT disputes, relations with education institutions, as well as getting them in touch with their contacts in the industry to solve country specific issues.

All information can be found on EAQA’s new website, which you can visit by clicking www.eaqa.eu.
TIECA World High School Fair
Posted on July 08, 2014 13:33:04

TIECA World High School Fair is organized by the Thai International Education Consultants Association (TIECA) which currently has 73 Member Agencies. Our aims are to provide an ideal platform to promote and publicize your institutions to thousands of Thai students, parents, academics and scholars. The Fair presents an excellent opportunity to increase your Thai student numbers, as well as offering a forum to expand your contacts in Thailand. In addition to staging the exhibition, TIECA organizes all day seminars, showcasing various education systems in high school level in order to educate prospective students and parents and enhance them to easily choose the education system that fit them most.

As our target group is mainly high school students and parents who are looking to finish their high school level overseas, we have decided to allocate most of our marketing and advertising budget through online marketing channels such as Facebook, Google Adwords, etc. In addition, we will create advertorial and marketing campaigns through high-end and English version newspapers to showcase the success of students from various high school systems. These messages will, as well, be forwarded to more than 50,000 prospective students and parents from our up-to-date database.

TIECA has been the official organizer of the TIECA Study Abroad Expo for the past fifteen years. Our Association is professionally qualified to serve the marketing requirements of high schools that wish to enroll Thai students. On this basis we strongly encourage you to work with TIECA members at the Fair which is supported by Australian Trade Commission (Thailand), British Council, Embassy of Canada, Education New Zealand and U.S. Commercial Service Thailand, etc.

Venue: Dusit Thani Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
Date: Saturday 29th November 2014
Times: 11:00 – 17:00 hrs
Exhibit Profile: High Schools
Visitor Profile: Students from high schools throughout Thailand; families; professors;
teachers and other academia working professionals
Fees: Single Table = 39,500 Baht/Table
Sharing Table = 49,500 Baht/Table

Exhibitors Meet TIECA Members: We have a spare 2 hours prior to the fair for you (9.00-11.00am) to meet with TIECA members who are interested in assisting you to promote your institution to their clients. We will divide the 2 hours into 6 time slots (20 minutes each) so that you will have a one to one meeting with the members who reserve to meet you. The final schedule will be sent to you well before the event.

Visit www.tieca.com for more information.
The new TIECA President
Posted on May 08, 2014 11:39:50
On behalf of The Thai International Education Consultants Association (TIECA), I am writing to inform you of the structure of our newly elected Committee Members. They are as follows:

President Mr. Nithiwat Chaichanasiri
Vice President Ms. Patcharaporn Boonkerd
Secretary General Ms. Praweena Panaworn
Treasurer Miss Pimpisuth Peyasantiwong
General Committee Ms. Nongluck Khemadham
General Committee (Special Event) Miss Panwipa Puapoongsakorn
We are very fortunate to have a board of dedicated people who are very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of international education. May I also take this opportunity to invite you to use the resources of TIECA as you may need to do. We thank you for your continued support of our organization.

For more information, please visit www.tieca.com.
Scholarships for HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Posted on February 25, 2014 12:33:22
 On Friday 31 January 2014, Mrs. Penprapa Vudhivate, TIECA President, brings representatives from Overseas educational institutions and airline representatives to appear before Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to present English language study scholarships and round trip economy class tickets. Overseas institutions who attend TIECA Expo are invited to contribute to Thai community via the Royal Project. For more information of TIECA, please see www.tieca.com.
EAQA Meeting at ICEF Berlin
Posted on January 09, 2014 15:34:01
EAQA met with agency representatives in Berlin for the 2nd consecutive year.

As part of the first day of the ICEF Berlin 2013 conference held in Berlin, EAQA organized a meeting between both member and non-member agency representatives. Over 25 attendees had the chance to obtain more information about EAQA as an association and see where it was headed in the upcoming year.

The meeting was also a platform for discussion of issues facing European agencies in the growing industry market. Opinions were exchanged, and ideas regarding quality brand representation were also discussed.
Brazil wants to raise the amount of foreign students in the country
Posted on November 20, 2013 09:54:58
The IV International Congress of Idiomatic Tourism, in São Paulo, ended October 2nd.
It was an important forum that discussed the strengthening of the Portuguese and Spanish languages as foreign languages, and brought together experts of the education and tourism markets from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The Congress is an initiative of Belta (Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association) and SEA (Language Centre Association) Argentina. During the event, it was highlighted the potential of Brazil and Argentina as international educational markets: in 2012, only in Brazil, the exchange agencies moved more than a billion dollars. "We have to take the moment in which Brazil is seen as pole receiver of students and tourists to invest and improve the educational system for foreigners," said Carlos Robles, Belta’s president, noting that the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016 are even greater opportunities to draw attention to the country and its qualities even in this market. On the first day of Congress, courses were given to students and Spanish and Portuguese teachers, each course brought together about 20 people.

During the four days of event, Marcelo Garcia, SEA Argentina’s president, highlighted resemblances between Brazil and Argentina in economic and touristic matters, and mentioned the idiomatic tourism as an innovator product. “The idiomatic tourism tends to grow, companies and teaching institutions need to be ready to adapt to the segment as the demand for this type of tourism increases.
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