Association of Russian Educational Advisors

AREA - Association of Russian Educational Advisors


Association of Russian Educational Advisers (AREA) was founded in 2007. The Association unites leading education consultancy agencies in Russia.
AREA works in order to develop the education abroad industry, work out and support high quality standards, support the interests of Association members.

Working with AREA members you can be sure that:

  • You deal with experienced consultants;
  • You can rely on your partners;
  • You can get the best market expertise.

National Report

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    General Information

    Geotek College
    125993, Moscow GSP-3,
    Nizhni Kislovski per. 7, bild. 1
    🇷🇺 Russia

    Phone: +7 495 580-83-85

    Website: www.studyarea.ru

    Contact Detail

    Contact detail: Julia Sumatokhina
    E-mail: info@studyarea.ru

    Our Members

    Carnival Education&Travel

    Larisa Lachkova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 861 2686950
    Address: Krasnodar, Pushkina Street, h.26
    Post Code:
    Email: info@carnivalstudy.ru
    Site: https://www.carnivalstudy.ru

    Educational World

    Julia Sumatokhina

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +74956609633
    Address: Moscow Nizhniy Kislovskiy pereulok, h.7, bld.1, of.518
    Post Code: 125009
    Email: info@edworld.ru
    Site: https://www.edworld.ru

    Geotek College

    Valentina Ozmidova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 495 697-13-17
    Address: Moscow Nizhniy Kislovskiy pereulok, h. 7, bld.1, of.518
    Post Code: 125009
    Email: info@geotekcollege.ru
    Site: https://www.geotekcollege.ru

    Globus International

    Elena Andriasyan

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 863 250-11-10
    Address: Rostov -on-Don, Prospect Chekhova h.78
    Post Code: 344006
    Email: globusrostov@yandex.ru
    Site: https://www.globusrostov.ru

    INCORT -Education Agency

    Maxim Dobrogost

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 347 257-53-59
    Address: Ufa Prospect Oktyabrya, h.148, 3rd floor
    Post Code: 450055
    Email: info@incort.ru
    Site: https://www.incort.ru

    International Education

    Tatyana Berestova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 342 2105 505
    Address: Perm Monastyrskay St., 12b
    Post Code:
    Email: intered@perm.ru
    Site: https://www.intered.ru

    Master Class

    Julia Gribkova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 831 421 00 15
    Address: Nizhny Novgorod, Korolenko Street 19B, of. 230
    Post Code: 630000
    Email: julia@masterclass.nnov.ru
    Site: https://www.masterclass-nn.ru


    Liudmila Sokolova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 988 9914788
    Address: Rostov-on-Don
    Post Code:
    Email: info@mokkos.ru
    Site: https://www.mokkos.ru

    Open World Education Group

    Grigory Ugarov

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 495 228 0300
    Address: Moscow Novoslobodskaya Street h. 45-B, pom.23, of.210
    Post Code: 127055
    Email: study@open-world.ru
    Site: https://www.open-world.ru

    Optima Study, International Educational Centre

    Pavel Antipov

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 846 270-95-99
    Address: Samara, Chasovaya Street, h.6
    Post Code: 443086
    Email: info@optimastudy.ru
    Site: https://www.optimastudy.ru

    Persona Grata

    Alena Grushina

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 495 755 80 35
    Address: Moscow poselenie Sosenskoe, Sosnovaya Street, h.1B, of.608
    Post Code: 108814
    Email: info@grata.ru
    Site: https://www.grata.ru

    Study Centre

    Olga Kiseleva

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +74957416523
    Address: 11A Seleznevskaya St. bld.2, of.417
    Post Code:
    Email: sc@study-centre.ru
    Site: https://www.study-centre.ru

    Study Galaxy

    Zoryana Shakirova

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +74997541041
    Address: 8 bld.3 Yaroslavskaya Str., Moscow Russia
    Post Code: 129164
    Email: zoryana@studygalaxy.ru
    Site: https://www.studygalaxy.ru


    Ivan Sholokhov

    Type: Agency
    Phone: +7 495 984 8910
    Address: Moscow, Leninskiy prospekt h.6, of.217
    Post Code: 119049
    Email: info@ustudy.ru
    Site: https://www.ustudy.ru