Japan Association of Overseas Studies

JAOS - Japan Association of Overseas Studies

JAOS - Japan Association of Overseas Studies

As globalization continues to develop and shape our lives, it has become quite apparent that survival in the 21st century will require individuals to face the reality of a world that is growing smaller everyday. Furthermore, it is also becoming obvious that, in order to cultivate people who can widely contribute to both Japanese and international society in the 21st century, overseas study in the form of educational training and cultural exchange programs are increasingly important experiences for everyone, not only for those people in particular fields or with special circumstances.

However, at the same time, due to reasons both historical as well as geographical, many Japanese people remain extremely unaccustomed to interacting with foreign cultures, and thus, view the act of studying abroad as something distant and unattainable. This is a problem that the study abroad industry currently faces.

Under these current circumstances, both individuals and organizations working within the overseas study industry have an important social mission as well as a great amount of responsibility. The Japan Association of Overseas Study (JAOS) takes on a supportive role within the industry by responsibly gathering diverse members of the study abroad community in order to find solutions to study abroad related issues and problems.

Simultaneously, JAOS educates consumers about the industry and creates a dependable study abroad environment by building strong mutual relationships between member organizations, educational organizations both at home and abroad, Japanese government institutions, and foreign governments. Our aim is to provide abundant information, training and research on study abroad topics for residents, educators and non-governmental organizations in Japan. Furthermore, through advising consumers on overseas study related issues, JAOS hopes to contribute to the cultivation of a more international society.

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