Kazakhstan Assotiation of Educational Agents

KAEA - Kazakhstan Assotiation of Educational Agents


In 2005 the oldest agencies in foreign education united to form Kazakhstan Association of Educational Agents.

Today, the KAEA is proud to represent the following eight leading agencies in educational consultancy: “Anglo-Kazakh Center”, “Global Link” “Globus Education”, “Euroschool”, “Intellect”, “InterTavel”, “OK Study” and «A&T Smart Study» – each has its own history of success and professional reputation.
The Association has been operating for 13 years. These were the years of improvement in professional standards recognized by foreign partners – schools, colleges, universities, language centers.

We implemented rebranding in which we devised and adopted the Code of practice that corresponds to our mission: “Professionalism. Reliability. Ethics”. All members of the KAEA support professionalism in the provision of consulting services of customers in the field of foreign education, reliability in working with partners and high culture of business.

We have a lot of interesting work ahead, aiming to improve and make the dreams of Kazakhstani students come true!

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General Information

Tulebayev st. 174
Almaty city
🇰🇿 Kazakhstan

Phone: 7 (727) 9833227

Website: www.kaea.kz

Contact Detail

Contact detail: Zhanna Mendybayeva | Executive Director
E-mail: kaea.kz@gmail.com

Our Members

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