2023 trends for the Argentinian market and future actions

2023 brought back all the junior summer programs, short- term language programs, predominantly English in the UK. High School stays in Canada and the UK, language programmes in Australia and New Zealand, and of course “Study and Work” programs in Ireland. Higher education in Canada is still popular, but enquiries and sales dropped considerably, particularly in the second half of 2023, due to the instability brought about by our change of government. Regarding booking habits: Argentine people still prefer to book through agencies that give them personalised attention. As for payment methods: overseas bank transfers are virtually impossible to carry out so our students resort to the use of platforms, but due to local currency inconsistency, not all platforms are working accordingly. Destinations: 1- UK for short language courses, 2- Canada for Higher Education, 3- Canada and UK for High School, 4- Ireland, New Zealand and Australia for Study and Work.”

Future Actions:

The ARSAA BOARD is organizing a meeting with the Canadian embassy in mid February so as to discuss recent changes in migration policies for international students.

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