Korea Overseas Study Association

KOSA - Korea Overseas Study Association


The Korea Overseas Study Association (KOSA) was first formed in 3 March 1987 representing service providers of counseling and education consulting assistance for students and professionals who wish to pursue an education abroad.

Our Prime Objective

  • To support and develop the opportunity for students to acquire information of education abroad. The Association functions under the auspices of the Korean national policy to develop the country and support the continued betterment of Korean society.
  • To provide accurate information and helpful advice and assistance for students interested in studying at an overseas education institution.
  • To facilitate the privilege and benefit of Korean students pursuing an education abroad.
  • To enhance the standard of the education sector in Korea to the highest possible level.

National Report

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    General Information

    4F, Jeil Bldg, 42-17, Hwayang-dong
    Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 143-917
    🇰🇷 Korea

    Phone: +82-2-533-2301
    Fax: +82-2-533-2366

    Website: www.kosaworld.org

    Contact Detail

    Contact detail: Han, Sung Ho
    E-mail: info@kosaworld.org

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