The FELCA AGM took place in London on the 3rd September at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza Hotel. There was a big turnout of delegates for Felca and the afternoon meeting with Gaela was the biggest ever, with over 40 in attendance.

Juan Manuel Elizalde is the new President and his main aim is to continue to increase the reputation Felca worldwide. Juan Manuel’s association, Aseproce Spain, won the LTM Star Award for Agency Association 2010. Last year the winner was Tieca Thailand.

Chairman                      Masaru Yamada
President                      Juan Manuel Elizalde
Vice President             Pascal Carre
Vice President             Maura Leao
Vice President             Giljun Yang
Treasurer                      Udom Ditsamroeng
Secretary                      Hannah Dao

Each member summarized how my of the members are now adhering to the Felca Accreditation Code and good progress has been made. It is very important that all Felca agencies have a copy of this Code and are adhering to it. A copy is on our website at http://www.felca.org/about-us/.

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