FELCA ASIA > Meeting in Seoul and Bangkok

Felca Asia is very active! After the meeting in Seoul in December ’23, a new meeting was held in Bangkok in February ’24.

Jaos (Japan), Tieca (Thailand), Ieca (Taiwan) and Kosa (Korea) are the three Felca National associations that met in Seoul at the beginning of last December for their regular Felca Asia meeting. In Seoul the associations discussed many topics. Among them were the following

1. What does your national association do to promote or stimulate the study abroad market in their country?
2. How do you maintain the quality of your members, or your association?
3. What kind of efforts do you do to build your a better or stronger brand image in your country or overseas?
4. What do you do to get new members? How do you recruit your new members?

A few weeks later, another Felca Asia meeting was held in Bangkok with Tieca (Thailand) and Jaos (Japan) in attendance
Discussions covered industry statistics and organisationalĀ management.

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