JAOS 2021 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad

The flow of Japanese pursuing study-abroad opportunities saw an unprecedented dive, a 76% drop, due to Covid-19 in 2020. The annual survey by study-abroad industry association, JAOS, Japan Association of Overseas Studies, has revealed the extent of the impact the worldwide pandemic has had on global student mobility originated from Japan.

With the mission of promoting the healthy development of study abroad agencies and spreading awareness of study abroad to people in Japan, 73 organization membership strong association, The Japan Association of Overseas Studies (hereinafter referred to as “JAOS,” President Yukari Kato), conducted its annual survey in March 2021. The association membership widely covers private-sector study-abroad agencies, as well as international government organizations. “JAOS 2021 Survey on the Number of Japanese Studying Abroad, the survey summary of responses reported by 43 JAOS study-abroad agencies, demonstrates the big change in the number of Japanese students studying overseas between 2019 and 2020. The total in Japanese students going abroad through these membership organizations in 2020 was 18,374, a shocking but at the same time somewhat expected, 76% decrease from 2019.

*Reference attached: Statistics on Study Abroad Destination of Japanese by Country “

JAOS 2021 Statistical Report on Japanese Studying abroad”
However, a bright sign is that even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, JAOS study-abroad agencies continue to receive daily inquiries from those desiring overseas educational opportunities when the pandemic settles. The encouraging sign is also seen in the student exchange sector where some countries have resumed receiving students internationally. To raise the awareness of importance and safety of study-abroad opportunities, with primary focus on universities where the halt of overseas study is the biggest, JAOS has formulated study abroad support guidelines to help those wishing to study abroad.

Background on Formulation of JAOS Study Abroad Support Guidelines
In spite of the severe difficulties to study abroad amidst the current COVID-19 crisis, highly committed Japanese youth are studying abroad while taking full precautions. As most developed countries are proceeding with vaccinations and study abroad is becoming more feasible, JAOS study abroad agencies are currently receiving many inquiries about the safety issues in the destination countries. To meet the enthusiastic desire of those wishing to study abroad now, JAOS, as the leading professional organization in the overseas study support industry, has established JAOS Study Abroad Support Guidelines to convey its policy and commitment to student safety, promising appropriate and accurate professional help to prospective study abroad students.

JAOS Study Abroad Support Guidelines during the COVID-19 Pandemic

  1. Placing highest priority on the safety and health of students, JAOS will respect their desire to pursue study-abroad to achieve their intended educational opportunities.
  2. JAOS will provide students with information on possible risks and provide advice to assist them in making the best judgment in pursuing study-abroad opportunities at this time.
  3. Where prospective students decide to study abroad, JAOS will provide risk management advice, based on the collective experience and knowledge of member organizations, of the destination counties, cities and institutions.

JAOS members will implement full travel precautions, aim to quickly recover the number of study abroad students from the tremendous drop due to Covid-19 and fulfill our mission in the study abroad industry.

In order to continue encouraging the young generation of Japan to pursue international education, to expand their global perspective and life/career options, JAOS members have embraced and committed to provide the services in accordance with the code of practice.

[About JAOS]

Established in 1991, our mission is to promote the healthy development of the study abroad industry in Japan by establishing ethical best practice guidelines for organizations, educating and training study abroad counselors and advisors, and engaging in various other promotional activities to increase awareness of, and further the development of a safe and rewarding environment for Japanese study abroad students.

Recognized by the Japanese government as a General Incorporated Association in 2008, JAOS membership consists not only of private companies but also includes public organizations such as the Australian Embassy Marketing Office and the British Council, as well as various trade-related associations. As of 2021, total membership now exceeds 70 organizations. JAOS is also an active member of the international association FELCA (The Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations). By representing Japan through this membership, JAOS is able to educate and promote Japanese market needs to industry providers and assist them in developing the optimal study abroad environment for Japanese study abroad students.

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