5 FELCA members nominated for the ST Star Secondary School Awards Agency Association category

Across 13 different categories, the StudyTravel Secondary School Awards 2020/21 were uniquely voted for by industry partners, with agents nominating preferred school and service providers and vice versa.

The special ST Secondary School Awards took place virtually yesterday during a break in the StudyTravel Alphe Secondary Focus London conference, with 168 industry professionals registered for the ceremony.

Inaugural school winners included CATS Education in the Chain School category, Saint Denis International School (European School); Mercedes College (Australia & New Zealand School); Pickering College (North American School); and Burnaby School District  (High School Board/District in Canada).

Sally Stacey , Marketing Manager at Burnaby School District, said, “This is a big surprise and a wonderful honour. We know it has been a challenging year for everybody so we really thank our agent partners for all the support they have given us and their students.”

In the agency categories, there were wins for WEP (Western European Agency), D&D Team (Eastern European Agency), Mundo Joven Estudios en el Extranjero (Latin American Agency) and British United Education Services (Asian Agency).

ASEPROCE in Spain and CAPS-I in Canada collected the ST Secondary School Awards for agency and educator associations respectively, and there were also wins for Bright World Education & Guardianships (Guardianship Organisation) and High Schools International  (Service Provider).

Oscar Porras , President of ASEPROCE, said, “It has been a diffcult year for everybody but this is a good push for us and all of our members who have been working really, really hard.”

Accepting her award, Lana Foster , Managing Director at Bright World, said, “How wonderful, what a lovely surprise. A massive thank you to everyone, and a massive thank you to StudyTravel for highlighting guardianship as an industry in itself that warrants an award.”

Matthew Knott, News Editor of StudyTravel Magazine and one of the hosts of the awards, said, “Schools, agents, associations, guardianship organisations, host families and other service providers have worked incredibly hard during the last year to support students to travel, study remotely, be safely looked after during holidays and lockdowns or even be repatriated.

“The awards were an opportunity to reflect on that, as so many of winners did in their heartfelt acceptance speeches, but also to look ahead with some optimism. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists; we can’t wait for next year’s event!”

StudyTravel would like to thank all of the sponsors of the awards, especially the Premium Sponsors: Bodwell High School and U.T.A. Education .

Click here for more information on the award and a full gallery of photos from the event.

The full list of winners and finalists for the StudyTravel Secondary School Awards 2020/21 is:

ST Secondary School Award North American School: Winner – Pickering College . Finalists: Bronte College , Canada; Tilton School , USA; Royal Crown Academic School , Canada; Bodwell High School , Canada.

ST Secondary School Award Latin American Agency: Winner – Mundo Joven Estudios en el Extranjero , Mexico. Finalists: STB Student Travel Bureau , Brazil; Ad Astra International Inc , Mexico; Efigie Educacional , Brazil; IE Intercambio , Brazil.

ST Secondary School Award High School Board/District in Canada: Winner – Burnaby School District . Finalists: Nova Scotia International Student Program Newfoundland International Student Education Program Langley School District Delta School District .

ST Secondary School Award Asian Agency: Winner – British United Education Services , Hong Kong. Finalists: Britannia StudyLink , Hong Kong; iEducation & Training Group, Hong Kong; Pacific Premiere Consulting Group Co., Ltd. , Thailand; SA Edu Co., Ltd , Korea.

ST Secondary School Award Service Provider: Winner – High Schools International (HSI) . Finalists: Flywire DR-WALTER Inline International Ltd .

ST Secondary School Award Australia & New Zealand School: Winner – Mercedes College , Australia. Finalists: Long Bay College , New Zealand; Rangitoto College , New Zealand; Canterbury College , Australia; Otago Girls’ High School, New Zealand.

ST Secondary School Award Agency Association: Winner – ASEPROCE , Spain. Finalists: JAOS , Japan; BELTA , Brazil; IECA , Taiwan; TIECA , Thailand.

ST Secondary School Award European School: Winner – Saint Denis International School , France. Finalists: Windermere School , UK; Monkton Combe School, UK; King’s Ely , UK; Queen Ethelburga’s , UK.

ST Secondary School Award European Agency: Winner – D&D Team , Slovakia. Finalists: Business Link , Ukraine; CDS Study Abroad , Turkey; Integral Educational Programs , Albania, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia; U.T.A. Education , Ukraine.

ST Secondary School Award Secondary Association: Winner – Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) . Finalists: The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) , USA; AEGIS , UK; Boarding Schools’ Association , UK; SIEBA, New Zealand.

ST Secondary School Award Chain School: Winner – CATS Education , USA & UK. Finalists: King’s College International ; Bellerbys, UK; Abbey DLD Colleges , UK; ACS International School Cobham , UK & Qatar; Dukes Education , UK.

ST Secondary School Award Guardianship Organisation: Winner – Bright World Education & Guardianships . Finalists: White House Guradianships Living Learning English HSI Group International London International Agency .

ST Secondary School Award Western European Agency: Winner – WEP – Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, USA . Finalists: Kells College , Spain; Language Kingdom , Spain; Midleton School , Spain; Stepin , Germany.

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