FELCA meetings filled calendar in April

April has been very busy for FELCA.

Because of the COVID-19 emergency, many Zoom meetings took place.

Two meeting of FELCA World, two meetings between FELCA and GAELA, one FELCA Europe meeting and one FELCA – English UK meeting.

All these meetings have been very well attended by our members which we would like to thank again for their support and valuable input.

In brief, here is the main information.

FELCA insists on the necessity for schools to provide agents/students with vouchers in case of cancellations, and shortened courses.  Several countries like Japan and most European countries must refund their clients in case of a package including travel and language courses.

Click here to access FELCA proposal on vouchers system

Very few refunds take place, schools associations say that they cannot force their members to reimburse agents and students. A lot of schools are also in a difficult financial situation.

GAELA run a very interesting survey asking schools to report on the situation, answering 16 questions.

Click here to access GAELA’s report.

ENGLISH UK will provide support to students in case of a member’s closure and has a “Student Emergency Support” in place.

English UK’s information for agents related to Covid-19, click here.

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