JAOS Annual Survey – Study Abroad Numbers by Japanese in 2023

JAOS comprises 64 organizations, including private education agents and overseas government agencies, to promote the healthy growth of study abroad businesses and study abroad programs in Japan. In April 2024, JAOS conducted its annual survey to research the volume of Japanese students studying abroad targeting 40 education agent members of JAOS., with the results compiled into the “JAOS Survey Report 2023”. As a result, it was found that the total number of study abroad students for the year 2023 from the 40 member companies of JAOS was 66,007 (including online study abroad). Offline study abroad has recovered to 83% of the pre-COVID 2019 levels, a 218% increase compared to the previous year. Particularly noteworthy is the number of Japanese study abroad students to Asian regions such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Korea, which has reached 112% of the pre-COVID 2019 levels, surpassing those of Europe, North America, and Oceania, which have not yet exceeded their 2019 figures. ※ Survey are conducted to 40 full membership organizations of JAOS.

Check the survey here.

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