New brand and marketing plans for Brazilian association Belta

Brazilian agency association Belta has revealed a refreshed brand and marketing direction for 2021, including collaboration with a social media influencer, special group tours and information campaigns to provide clarity on study abroad in the Covid period.


With the theme of ‘the sky connects us’, the new projects and visual identity for Belta were revealed in a presentation by Vivi Lac , Coordinator of the Belta Marketing Committee and Director of Belta-accredited agency Beeducation Intercâmbio , during a virtual event last week.

Belta  said the in a time of volatility and complexity, it was connecting with agencies, consumers, governments and institutions around the world. “This is the new Belta, with a new identity, language and actions, with a focus on protecting, connecting and influencing new exchange students,” the association said.

As part of the new direction for 2021, Belta revealed refreshed logos for the association (pictured top) and for Belta seal agencies.

Belta has also appointed Mi Alves, a digital influencer with 115,000 followers on Instagram and 361,000 subscribers on YouTube, as an ambassador.

An element of the campaign is that Belta will organise study group trips with Mi Alves as a tour leader, with the first planned for the Canadian city of Montreal in 2022.

Belta has also created new ‘Fact or Fake Exchange’ group on Facebook. In collaboration with educational institutions, governments, consulates and member agencies, Belta will aim to “demystify the untruths we currently have on social media” about study abroad.

The association will also be pushing a campaign to promote the security of choosing a study abroad programme with an accredited Belta seal agency.

Maura Leão , President of Belta, said, “At a time where we need to be positive and hopeful, Belta has taken the initiative to reinvent itself and bring a new energy to the Brazilian market of international education.

“Rebranding is the beginning of many new actions that are still to happen in the coming months. We want students to have a better understanding of the benefits they have when choosing a Belta seal agency to help them organise their studies abroad. Study abroad in the safest way is one of the benefits.”

She added, “The sky is only the beginning of a fantastic journey they can have with their experience abroad, organised by a Belta seal agency.”

Established in 1992, Belta represents more than 40 Brazilian agencies and a significant proportion of outbound market share. Belta is a member of the global Federation of Education and Language Consultant Associations ( Felca ) and was inducted into the StudyTravel Super Star Hall of Fame in 2021 after winning the ST Star Agency Association category for a fifth time.


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