Why Felca is good for agencies and how to form a national association

Text by Pascal Carré (Felca Advisory Committee)

FELCA helps agencies in various ways :

  • An agency that belongs to a national association that is a member of FELCA can raise an issue (with a school or school association) via their association which can then contact FELCA to try to resolve it. Typically when a chain of schools or an official institution tries to sell direct in a market bypassing local agencies.
  • Being part of a national association which is a member of FELCA means quality, professionalism, trustworthiness. FELCA stands for this.  A school association can contact FELCA if there is an issue with one of the members (whether association or agency).
  • Schools associations trust FELCA. Most are members of GAELA which is the counterpart of FELCA.  Both FELCA & GAELA meet at least once a year, usually in London prior to ALPHE London.  Several issues were solved in the past thanks to efficient communication between the two organisations.

 How to form a national association ?

If agencies from a particular country want to form a national association, FELCA can definitely help.  Depending on the continent or region, other national associations that belong to FELCA can help agencies from that country to set up a national association.  This already happened several times in the past.  Other FELCA associations can help with the articles of the new association, best practices, quality chart, membership, etc.

Once the new association is set up,  FELCA’s door is open !

It is often crucial for agencies to belong to a national asssociation when it comes to recognition, protection of common interests, legal issues, promotion, the organisation of fairs, etc.

FELCA welcomes all language and education associations worlwide to apply to become a member of FELCA.



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